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Investigating Stars


01. Caliente Quadruplets
02. Ike S. N. Wannabee
03. Wayfar Extrasolar
04. I. M. Littlewhite
05. Biggen Scarlet
06. Guly and Oro Twinstar
07. Bea Blinker
08. Yello Solartwin
09. Ucant Seeme
10. Soeyem Notsohot

Exploration One: Our Local Neighborhood

First Thoughts: Making Claims

Jewel Box Cluster

Activity 1: What Kind of Stars Are There?

Windows to the Universe
Astronomy Photo of the Day site

Activity 3: What Determines the Color and Temperature of Stars?

Cygnus Starfield

Internet Site for step 4

Exploration Two: The Lives of Stars

First Thoughts: Making Claims

NGC 6397(Fig.2.1)

Activity 1: How Are Stars Classified?

Activity 3: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Activity 5: The Lives of Two Stars

Activity 6: Using the H-R Diagram to Determine the Age of Stars in a Cluster

Exploration Three: The Deaths of Stars

First Thoughts: Making Claims

Supernova remnant (Fig.3.1)

Activity 1: Unstable Stars: Planetary Nebulae and White Dwarfs

Activity 2: Unstable Stars: Variables

Activity 3: The Atom Factories of the Universe: Supernovae

Doing Science

Extending Your Work

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