Dossier for Guly and Oro Twinstar

Recent Mugshot: (Note: This is an artist's drawing of Guly [on the left] and her brother.)

Height (solar diameters) = 2.3 and 3.0

Weight (mass in suns) = 3.6 and .8

Age = < 300 million years

General Description:

Guly and Oro orbit each and are classified as an eclipsing binary system. Guly is a main sequence B star (B8V; 12,000 K) and Oro is a K giant star (K2IV; 4,500 K). Guly and her brother are about 93 ly from Earth. Guly changes brightness in a regular cycle of 2.87 days (see his light curve). Guly's astronomy name is Algol. The name Algol means "demon star," from an Arabic word that means "the ghoul."

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Other Information:

1. Light curve
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