Dossier for Soeyem Notsohot

Recent Mugshot: (Note: This is artist's conception of what Soyem looks like.)

Height (solar diameters) = 0.05

Weight (mass in suns) = about .03

Age = unknown

General Description:

Soyem is so small and so cool (1000 K), that he is difficult to take a picture of. He only shows up in an infrared camera images. Soyem orbits around a main sequence M2 red dwarf star 19 ly from Earth in the constellation of Lepus, and is probably only 140, 000 km in diameter, about the size of Jupiter. Even though he is the same size as Jupiter, his mass is 30 or 40 times greater. Soeyem may have an atmosphere that contains ice crystals. Soeyem's fingerprints show a strong emission line due to H2O. Soeyem's astronomy name is Gliese 229B.

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Other Information:

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