Dossier for the Caliente Quadruplets

Recent Mugshot:

Height (solar diameters) = 15 to 30

Weight (mass in suns) = not well known�8 is a good guess

Age = 300,000 years

General Description:

The Caliente Quadruplets are truly young O class stars. They live in a small cluster about 3 light-years across at the front surface of a massive, dusty molecular cloud that is teeming with newborn stars in the Orion nebula, about 1500 light-years from Earth. In fact, the Quads are so bright that their light illuminates the entire nebula. The Quads neighborhood has the richest, densest concentration of young stars in the vicinity of our solar system. They are extremely hot� well above 60 million degrees�and emit large quantities of x-ray radiation. The astronomy name of the Quadruplets is the Trapezium.

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Fingerprint File for the Quadruplets

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Other Information:

1. Quadruplets in x-ray
2. Quadruplets in visible and infrared