Dossier for the Ike S. N. Wannabee

Recent Mugshot:

Height (solar diameters) = 80 to 180

Weight (mass in suns) = between 100 and 120

Age = 3 million years

General Description:

Ike is definitely not your ordinary star! Ike is highly unstable and prone to sudden outbursts. In 1843, an outburst occurred that formed the bubble-like structures seen in his mugshot. The bubble is about half a light-year across and contains over 2 solar masses of material, still expanding outward at a rate of 660 km/sec. Ike is 7,500 ly from our solar system and is thought to be a hot (over 25,000 K), spectral class O3 star. Ike is the fifth most luminous star discovered, emitting an amount of light energy equal to 4 million suns! Ike's fingerprints are very unusual too, with emission lines appearing in visible and x-ray wavelengths. Ike's astronomy name is Eta Carina.

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Fingerprint File for Ike S. N. Wannabee

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Other Information:

1. binary paper
2. infrared view of Ike
3. light curve
4. x-ray view of Ike