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For Families

Although Investigating Astronomy is primarily a high school curriculum, we believe that learning should continue after students exit their classrooms. Sharing school experiences with family members and engaging in activities related to the Investigating Astronomy curriculum can serve as both a fun and educationally reinforcing venture.

To accomplish a connection between the astronomy classroom and students' communities, we have prepared as series of newsletters (called Connections) that reinforce the content of each unit, written in both English and Spanish. These newsletters are downloadable and are available for students to take home. These documents are designed to encourage families and community members to get involved with Investigating Astronomy. The newsletters contain a set of sample activities that students and families can do at home. These activities will demonstrate both the content and the inquiry nature of the course.

Features of the Connections newsletter include:

  • Family Features — Short activities that can be done at home. Led by the students, friends and family investigate topics in astronomy related to each unit.
  • Star Witness — A personal story of an astronomer who is involved in the quest to answer questions posed in each unit.
  • Sky Watch — An observing activity that students and family can do together. Objects visible in urban settings are highlighted.
  • Cultural Connections — Stories and applications of astronomy connections that link course content with how various cultures have contributed to our knowledge of the universe.
  • Talk Like an Astronomer — Definitions of important scientific terms used in the newsletter.

Connections Newsletters
Clicking on a link will download the PDF.

Amateur Astronomy Clubs
Consider looking for a local amateur astronomy club, which may have events, experts, or other resources of interest.

Consider hosting a starry party or evening observation session.


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