Dossier for the Wayfar Extrasolar

Recent Mugshot: Note: This is an artist's conception of the icy, Earth-like planet and its red dwarf central star.

Height (solar diameters) = .36

Weight (mass in suns) = .32

Age = 10 million years

General Description:

Wayfar has the most Earth-like planet discovered so far orbiting him, with a period of only 1.94 days. The planet is thought to be about 7 times more massive than Earth and may be a rocky, or terrestrial, planet. Wayfar is an M3V red dwarf star with a surface temperature of 3,200 K, and is about 15 ly away in the constellation of Aquarius. Wayfar is so dim that he is invisible to the naked eye. His astronomy name is Gliese 876.

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Fingerprint File for Wayfar Extrasolar

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Other Information:

1. paper.pdf
2. radial velocity graph