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Investigating Tools of Astronomy

Exploration One: How Do Astronomers Observe the Universe?

Activity 2: What Does Electromagnetic Radiation Tell Us?

Images for Part 1

Part 2: Looking at a Mystery Object

Part 3: Looking at the Crab Nebula

Activity 3: Discovering the Multi-Wavelength Universe

Exploration Two: What Are Electromagnetic Waves?

Activity 3: Making the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Observatory Resources:

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Spitzer Infrared Observatory

National Optical Astronomy Observatory (Visible Light)

Chandra X-ray Observatory

Cool Cosmos Multi-wavelength Astronomy Gallery and Information

Exploration Three: Telescopes and Image Processing

Activity 2: CCDs

Part 1: Looking at Pixels in a Digital Photo

Activity 3: Image Processing

Exploration Four: Messages of Light

First Thoughts

Activity 1: How Do We Analyze Light?

Part 1: Investigating Spectra

Part 2: Absorption Lines

Spectral Line Catalog

Activity 2: Interpreting Color & Temperature

Part 1: The Color of Stars

Optional:Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project (NAAP) Blackbody Simulator

Part 2: Filters & Imaging

Challenge: Cosmic Detectives

   Investigating Tools of Astronomy Challenge Area of the Data Center

Doing Science

Extending Your Work

Recommended Resources

    Stargazer: The Life and Times of the Telescope by Fred Watson (Da Capo Press, 2005, ISBN:0-306-81432-3) �a book on the history of the telescope and people involved in that story

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