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Investigating Planets

Here are some digital resources you may use with this Unit of the Investigating Astronomy Curriculum.

Exploration One: Important Planatery Characteristics

Activity 1: Group the Planets and Moons


   Check out a planet sorting game at Windows to the Universe.

Activity 3: Size, Mass, and Gravitational Force

Apollo 15 Hammer and Feather Drop Video

Shuttle Launch Videos

Activity 4: Debating Planetary Atmospheres and Temperatures

   US Environmental Protection Agency: Climate Change

   PBS NOVA/Frontline Interviews: The Debate

   PBS NOW: Debating �Global Warming�

   Wikipedia: Global Warming

   Wikipedia: Global Warming Controversy

   NASA�s Earth Observatory: Global Warming

   NASA Goddard: Global Change Master Directory

Exploration Two: Distances to and Among the Planets

Activity 3: Kepler�s Laws

   Kepler�s Laws I, II, and III

Exploration Three: Explorations of the Planets and Their Moons

Activity 2: Mission Particulars

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Solar System

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Missions

Solar System Exploration: Missions

NASA: Missions

Welcome to the Planets: The Explorers

Exploration Four: Search for Life in Our Solar System

Activity 3: Water and Habitability

Images of Earth

Images of Mars

Images of Europa

   NASA: Visible Earth

   Earth Observatory

   NSSDC Photo Gallery: Earth

   NSSDC Photo Gallery: Mars

   NSSDC Photo Gallery: Europa

   JPL Photojournal

   Marsquest: Rover Images

Exploration Five: Extrasolar Planets

Activity 2: Transiting Method of Finding Extrasolar Planets

Data Center: Transiting Method

Activity 3: Search the Web for Recent Discoveries

   List of Extrasolar Planets

   Planet Quest: New Worlds Atlas

Doing Science

Extending Your Work

Recommended Resources

    Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)�the largest general astronomy society in the world

    Astronomy Magazine�a monthly magazine for amateur astronomers

    Sky and Telescope�a monthly magazine providing articles and information on all aspects of astronomy, space exploration, telescope equipment, and amateur telescopes

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory�builds and operates many of the unmanned spacecraft responsible for exploring our solar system

    NASA: Astrobiology�NASA's Website for information on searching for life in the universe

    Binocular Stargazing by Mike D. Reynolds (Stackpole Books, 2005, ISBN:0811731367)�an easy-to-use guidebook for observing the sky with binoculars

    The Planets by Dava Sobel (Viking Adul, 2005, ISBN-13:978-0670034468)�a book of essays on the latest scientific knowledge about the planets, blended with popular culture, mythology, astrology, literature, music, and more

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